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il Tulipano

The wedding of your dreams

Cookie-cutter wedding packages aren’t for you – and they’re not for us either! Imagine a dedicated wedding planner, equipped with a team to execute every detail of your wedding day. No last-minute scrambling, wondering where your flowers are, or trying to manifest a wedding planner out of thin air to set tables the way you want it done. Expect unmatched service and dedication so you can create lifelong memories – without the stress.



The ceremony is carefully arranged by your bridal attendant so everything is picture-perfect. At this New Jersey wedding venue, your bridal attendant and supporting team attend to every detail (so a wedding planner is unnecessary). By focusing only on one bride at a time at our wedding venue, we can review and execute everything. 


Cocktail Reception

The cocktail reception will usher freshly prepared hors d’oeuvres with champagne to celebrate. While you take photos at our wedding venue or spend some precious post-ceremony time with your new spouse, we’ll take care of guests. Weddings with us gives you the compassion and attention required for the biggest day of your life.

Receive a warm greeting from your dedicated bridal attendant

Enjoy a lavish Champagne Greeting as your guests begin arriving

Capture picture-perfect memories to last a lifetime



Last – but certainly not least – we ensure your reception is a blast! Music, speeches, bridal party lineups, etc. shouldn’t be your concern. Create those lifelong memories and dance the night away — and we’ll make sure it’s unforgettable. Because at our New Jersey wedding venue, you are more than just a number. You’re our bride, and we take that seriously.


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