Eye-catching wedding arches are a huge trend right now, from the timeless allure of flower-covered altar arches to innovative uses of design and materials. Your wedding arch can be a picturesque backdrop to your altar while you exchange vows in the presence of your family and friends. Yet it’s worth bearing in mind that the best and most beautiful wedding arches aren’t just there for decoration— they symbolize the commitment and love that you and your partner share. So if you’d like to know how to decorate a wedding arch with fabric, lights, and foliage, then read on.

Whether your wedding aesthetic is simple and sophisticated, or you’re aiming to create an enchanting ambiance, you can find a wedding arch design that perfectly expresses your theme. The aim is to choose a wedding arch that complements your unique style and celebrates your individual love story, enhancing the significance of your special day—and creating terrific photo opportunities. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore 18 creative ideas for eye-catching arches for your New Jersey wedding. We’ll focus on the possibilities of gorgeous fabrics, the enchanting appeal of different kinds of lighting, and the timeless natural beauty of foliage. Hopefully, you’ll find lots of wedding arch inspiration.

What to consider when planning your wedding arch

1. Consider diverse shapes for variety

When you’re exploring wedding arch design ideas, start by considering diverse shapes. Triangular arches represent unity, while hexagons offer a stylish twist on arches. Complete circles symbolize eternity, while flat, ground-level designs offer a contemporary twist. A pathway of concentric circles fashioned from flowers or lights can create an incredibly striking effect. So when planning your wedding arch, consider the shape first of all, as that can go a long way to creating the overall feel.

2. Think about multiple uses for versatility

Or why not transform your arch into a multi-functional piece of design? For instance, you could consider detachable garland pieces that can serve as decorations for the cake table or sweetheart table during the reception, adding both elegance and practicality. This way, your arch can play multiple functions in your wedding ceremony, beyond that special moment when you swap your vows.

3. Take into account seasonality and weather

 Don’t forget to adapt your arch design to the time of year, climate, and weather. For instance, you could choose flowers that align with your wedding season, creating an atmosphere that matches spring, summer, fall, or winter. Also, if you’re having a destination wedding, ensure your arch can withstand the local climate and that it won’t become distressed by heat or rain. You might also want to include local flowers or foliage. Cymbidium orchids, chrysanthemums, anthuriums, and king protea are excellent choices for heat, while hydrangeas and peonies may need extra protection.

4. Make sure that you compliment the look of your venue 

Ensure that your arch fits seamlessly  into the overall design and atmosphere of your venue. For instance, if your venue is very traditional, then a cutting-edge or contemporary arch might clash with this. If you are making your vows in a garden, then a floral arch could be perfect.   

5. Embrace the language of flowers

If you’re choosing an arch that incorporates florals, then consider flower symbolism. For instance, white roses represent a new beginning, while calla lilies are associated with beauty, and edelweiss with devotion. Asters and baby’s breath are both a symbol of love, while carnations represent female love specifically. Chrysanthemums simply mean ‘I love you’.

6. Consider symmetrical vs asymmetrical designs

Whether you’re using flowers, fabrics, lights, or another decorative feature, decide between a symmetrical or asymmetrical wedding arch. Symmetry offers a classic and balanced appearance, while asymmetry can be more dynamic and modern. If your wedding theme leans toward traditional elegance, a symmetrical arch might be the perfect choice. For more eclectic, playful, or contemporary themes, explore asymmetrical designs.

Creative straw wedding arch

18 captivating design ideas for your wedding arch

1. Drape elegant organza

Create an ethereal atmosphere by using organza, a thin and silky fabric with an enchanted and romantic feel. Whether you opt for a light layer or a solid appearance, organza adds a touch of grace to any wedding arch style.

Tip: Experiment with different colors to complement your wedding theme. Soft pastels or bold hues can dramatically alter the ambiance, while white organza would be a true classic for your big day. For a glitzier aesthetic, consider shimmering, sparkling, or metallic-colored organza.

2. Get dramatic with chiffon

Or you could create a statement with chiffon, a thicker fabric that will give your wedding arch a lovely, luxurious feel. Consider using chiffon for faux curtains, play with various color combinations, or create a stunning backdrop with draped chiffon.

Tip: Chiffon is versatile, so you can achieve a classic look with white or ivory, or go bold with vibrant colors.

3. Add volume with tulle

Introduce volume and a dreamier aesthetic with tulle, a stiff netting material often worn by ballet dancers. Whether draped elegantly or gathered for a fuller appearance, tulle adds a classic and romantic touch to any arch shape.

Tip: Combine different shades of tulle for a layered effect. Ivory and blush or white and gold can create a rich and textured look, while ballet pink and light pink are very classic and feminine shades for tulle..

4. Hang and place lanterns

Enhance the magical ambiance of your arch by incorporating lanterns of various styles. Hang them for a glowing ceremony or place them strategically around the arch base for a captivating display. Lanterns are also ideal for a nighttime wedding and for outdoor cocktail wedding receptions.

Tip: Choose lanterns that align with your overall theme. Moroccan lanterns can add a bohemian touch, while classic white lanterns create an elegant atmosphere. Or why not choose rainbow-colored lanterns for a more vivid effect? 

5. Light up the whole arch

Weave ethereal string lights throughout your arch for a mesmerizing and enchanting look. Whether you opt for subtle single strands, multiple layers of lights, or a curtain of illumination, the result is a breathtakingly lit arch.

Tip: Experiment with different light colors, intensities, and even flickering lights. Warm white lights will create a softly romantic ambiance, while colored lights can add a playful touch.

6. Create a gentle glow with candles

While many venues might not allow real candles or open flames, you could consider tasteful battery-powered candles. This will add a flickering and warm ambiance to your arch, while maintaining safety. Arrange them on the ground, on pedestals, or suspended in jars for a rustic touch.

Tip: Many electric candles can look convincingly real, so shop around for quality options that create the best effect.

7. Incorporate lit letters and words

Personalize your arch with marquee signs or lit letters featuring you and your partner’s initials or other romantic statements. Suspend smaller lit letters from the arch or use the wall behind for indoor venues, creating a whimsical and personalized feel.

 Tip: Consider working with a calligrapher to design custom letters that match your wedding theme and style. If a calligrapher isn’t an option, then Freebooter, Geraldine, or Exmouth all make wonderful wedding fonts. You could also choose the same font that you used for your invitation.

8. Add extravagance with chandeliers

For weddings with a royal or fairytale theme—or just for a grand and opulent effect in general—you could enhance the elegance of your arch with a chandelier. White chandeliers with crystal accents or metallic options can complement various wedding themes, adding a touch of sophistication. Consider using LED chandeliers for better energy efficiency.

Tip: Experiment with the height of the chandelier to create a focal point that doesn’t overwhelm your wedding arch.

9. Draw upon the power of bigger bulbs

Edison bulbs or large light bulbs can create a boho fee for your wedding arch. Scatter them along different levels of the arch frame for a multi-dimensional, magical backdrop.

Tip: Combine bulbs with greenery for a more softened, balanced look. Twine the bulbs with vines or place them amid floral arrangements to create a cohesive design.

10. Include a greenery base

Frame your arch with a lush base of greenery to bring the beauty of nature into your wedding decor. Experiment with full branches, voluminous greenery, thin garlands, or vines for a look that’s both natural and captivating. A garland of round leaves paired with vines or branches will add dimension and beauty.

Tip: Mix various types of greenery for texture and interest, creating a wilder and freer feel. Eucalyptus, ferns, and ivy can create a visually interesting and cohesive display.

11. Use discreet flowers for a subtle accent

Add an elegant touch with subtle floral accents on your arch. For instance, place flowers on the tie-back of fabric curtains, feature a bouquet in a corner, or dot a greenery arch with scattered blooms. Consider delicate seasonal flowers for added subtlety, for instance, violets for a spring wedding and snowdrops for a winter wedding.

Tip: Choose flowers that complement your bouquet. This subtle continuity will tie your entire wedding decor together in a way that is tasteful and discreet.

12. Create a stunning floral curtain

Hang whimsical strands of flowers as a magical curtain for your arch. This creates the feel that behind the curtain, a fairytale land is waiting. Choose between floral garlands or simple strands for a romantic and eye-catching effect (for more ideas, consider contacting our recommended vendor, New Jersey wedding florist CG Rain).

Tip: Use flowers for your curtain that have a lightweight nature, such as baby’s breath or small blooms. This ensures that the strands will drape elegantly without overwhelming the arch. On breezy days they will flutter, which is extra enchanting.

13. Add pretty pampas

Create a unique and contemporary arch effect with pampas grass. Pair pampas with neutral tones or soft pastels for a bohemian chic look. 

Tip: Consider mixing the pampas with other textured elements like feathers or dried flowers, which will complement it beautifully.

14. Get creative with a clothing rail

Create a budget-friendly DIY arch using a basic clothing rail wrapped in pretty fabrics like organza or silk, or flowers that match your wedding colors, or fairy lights. This offers a unique and affordable alternative to the typical wedding arch.

Tip: For a more striking effect, customize your clothing rail metallic paints in bronze, silver, or gold. Alternatively, keeping it plain will create a more rustic vibe,

15. Decorate the ground around your arch

Extend your decoration beyond the arch itself, perhaps by creating an enchanting path towards it. Decorate the ground with flower petals, additional greenery, or LED-lit pathways to conjure up a magical and immersive atmosphere. 

Tip: Consider your walking path and aisle decor, then aim to match your arch ground decor with your overall theme for a cohesive look.

16. Create floral bases

Enhance the beauty of your wedding arch by adding floral bases. Place large bouquets or arrangements at the arch’s foundation to add a touch of grandeur and ensure the entire structure is visually appealing.

Tip: If you’re creating a vase-themed floral base, then experiment with various vase shapes, sizes and designs. Tall vases create a statuesque look, while shorter ones create a more intimate ambience.

17. Conjure up a tropical feel

Create warm, balmy, and exotic vibes with an arch adorned with palms and monstera leaves, as well as stunning tropical flowers. These blooms will add a pop of color, creating a vibrant aesthetic.

Tip: For a more playful feel—and if your venue allows it— incorporate Hawaiian tiki torches into your tropical display.

18. Add a heartfelt photo display

Beyond fabric, lights, and foliage, other creative decor touches can create a powerful effect. So why not personalize your arch with photos? Arrange your favorite childhood memories together or showcase your journey as a couple, creating a nostalgic and heartwarming focal point. You could even arrange photos from different stages of your relationship for a chronological display. 

Some people also choose to feature photographs of loved ones who have passed away, so that they can still be part of the celebration. Just make sure that your photos are securely attached to prevent mishaps. For instance, using pegs to hang them will create a more rustic, DIY, and playful effect. Also consider how you are going to showcase your photos. Will they be beautifully framed or presented as simple prints? 

Tip: You could also edit your photos to create a unified effect, for instance, make them classically black and white, charmingly sepia-toned, or over-saturated for a retro feel. Again, it all depends on your wedding theme and the overall look that you are aiming for. If you’re having a vintage wedding, then photo styles are a key consideration.

Your wedding arch is very powerful, as it can tell your unique love story, showcase your wedding theme, and express your personality. Through foliage, fabrics, lights, and other creative decor touches like photos, you can turn your arch into a magical focal point for your big day. And remember, all of these ideas are just starting points. Feel free to mix, match, and add personal touches to create an arch that resonates with you and your New Jersey wedding.

Ready for your big day?

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