Dusty Rose, Burnt Orange, or Burgundy? Here Are 6 of This Autumn’s Most Fashionable Wedding Choices

Planning a fall wedding? You’ll definitely want fall wedding colors that draw inspiration from the season. This time of year is all about richness, abundance, and spoiling yourself with luxuries. And whether you’re going classic, contemporary, or vintage, you can capture the magic and enchantment of autumn with the right color scheme for you.

It’s true that this season has its own distinct natural palette that we know and love, yet specific wedding color trends also change every year. So if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your big day, then here are six of the top trending fall wedding colors for 2023.

Bride and groom sharing a kiss in the garden surrounded by fall foliage on their wedding day

6 Gorgeous Fall Wedding Colors in 2023

Dusty rose

While a bright or pastel pink might be fantastic for a spring or summer wedding, the softer, more muted dusty rose is ideal for an autumn ceremony. It’s a deeply romantic mix of pink and violet with soft gray undertones. It’s oh-so sweet and feminine—but would also look terrific on a groom’s tie. Gentle, whispery dusty rose is just more elegant than blush or bubblegum and can work well with vintage themes too. As it also symbolizes love, affection, and tranquility, what could be more perfect?

If you’re looking for an ethereal-princess-running-through-wildflowers-at-twilight vibe, then dusty rose is the way to go. Pair it with burgundy for a classic autumnal wedding look, or with hunter green to be really on trend for fall 2023. Sage and ivory work well with this shade too. 

Style dusty rose with sparkly accents, gauzy table runners, blush candles, ivory napkins, hanging globe lights, and gold tableware.

Color palette inspirations: Dusty rose is a match made in heaven for gold, champagne, silver, silver grey, navy blue, hunter green, fern green, burgundy, and blush.

Burnt orange

Is there a more classic fall wedding color than burnt orange? This rich, earthy tone captures the season perfectly, making it ideal for a striking palette. Best all, burnt orange is versatile, meaning you can shape a variety of wedding color schemes around it. Combine it with ivories and soft browns for a warm, romantic feel, or navy blue for a vivid contrast, or deep green, berry reds, and mustard for an all-out fall color burst. Take note that burnt orange also represents compassion, a pretty important value for creating lasting love.

As far as styling goes, richly colored strips of chiffon, copper effects, textured wood, dried grasses, and terracotta pottery are all great compliments to burnt orange. For a more decadent feel, go for gold accents and vivid velvets. 

Color palette inspirations: Burnt orange is madly in love with soft brown, ivory, navy blue, scarlet, rust, mustard, gold, and deep green.

Sunflower Yellow

A light, bright yellow can add a burst of vivacity and freshness to any wedding palette. But how do you avoid looking too summery? The solution is sunflower yellow, which is softer and more autumnal than zesty shades like lemon. Sunflower yellow also represents optimism and hope, which is exactly what most couples will be feeling on their special day. For autumn wedding color schemes, sunflower looks great with natural green or brown, or rich plum, maroon and burgundy. Mustard also complements it nicely if you’d like to bring in more yellow notes.

For styling, sunflower yellow looks terrific with elegant white candles, white chinaware, and bolts of green or burgundy cloth. Or if you want to go more boho, then daisies, warm woods, and hessian will create comforting rustic vibes.

Color palette inspirations: Sunflower yellow has a big crush on plum, maroon, burgundy, gray, brown, camel, mustard, natural green, burnt orange, navy blue, and crisp white.

Pale Grey

Pale grey has a pretty unfair reputation for being dull but let’s wave bye-bye to that myth for good. With the right palette, it’s actually one of the most elegant wedding colors out there. After all, pale grey is the color of doves and freshwater pearls, making it a light, ethereal, and dreamy shade for your big day. It can also bring a complimentary softness to vibrant yellows, or enhance the charms of dusty rose. Or if you’re adding a shimmer of silver to your wedding, then pale grey makes the perfect partner. This color also represents balance—crucial for any happy marriage!

For styling think pink roses, ivory candles, shimmering ribbons, maroon table runners, and dried flowers or acorns sprayed silver.

Color palette inspirations: Pale grey adores pink, white, mustard, vibrant yellow, vibrant red, green, blue, and teal.

Hunter Green

If we’re talking fall wedding colors for 2023, then it’s safe to say that rich, deep hunter green is super on trend. According to Cosmopolitan, it will ‘provide a perfect pop of color that’s still seasonally appropriate’. Hunter green is great for creating a wedding ambience that’s both natural and decadent. That’s because this forestry shade is pretty close to emerald and the effect can be just as dramatic.

Hunter green gives off an air of old-time luxury and wealth, yet its associations with nature, growth, and renewal can create boho vibes too. Plus as it was a popular color of yesteryear, it can work really well for 20th century vintage-themed weddings, as well as medieval, renaissance, or fantasy-style soirees. You could combine it with an earthy autumnal palette of plum, copper, and beige, or golds and crisp whites. Yet don’t be afraid to pair hunter green with dusty pink either.

As far as styling goes, hunter green can look gorgeous with ferny bouquets, lily centerpieces, gray groom suits, gold ribbons, and gilded fruits or acorns.

Color palette inspirations: Hunter green wants to elope with black, white, pink, burgundy, plum, copper, rust, brown, beige, dark yellow, and gray.


From bursts of autumn leaves to red wine to royal coronations, burgundy isn’t afraid to make a bold statement. This spirited dark red with purple undertones represents luxury and sophistication, as well as sensuality and romance. Plus its associations with prosperity will hopefully bring a little luck to any couple.

A ring of bridesmaids dressed in burgundy can look very striking against a white bridal gown, or you can combine this color with mustard, beige, and dark teal for a gorgeous autumn palette to remember. Burgundy also adds pop to softer combos like dusty rose, mauve, and ivory.

For styling, you might want to try gold or rose gold accents, vivid bouquets, sprigs of berries, classic white candles, crimson satins or velvets, red rose centerpieces, gray groom suits, vintage crystal, and dashes of greenery or moss.

Color pairing inspirations: Burgundy loves flirting with gold, rose gold, golden yellow, umber, dusty rose, gray, ivory, mustard, beige, teal, and turquoise.

Ready For Your Big Day?

Which color scheme will you choose for your fall wedding? There are so many options, including softer romantic palettes, vivid jewel themes, and strong, earthy vibes. Whatever you decide, make sure to fully embrace the beauty of the season and throw a fall reception to remember. 

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