Looking for inspiration for your big day? Here’s our guide to the very best wedding planning podcasts

Planning your wedding is super exhilarating—yet it can also be overwhelming. From signature cocktails to sweetheart tables, how many detailed decisions can a gal be expected to make? That’s why it’s a smart idea to get a little bit of inspiration from the experts—and why wedding planning podcasts can come to your rescue. If you’re looking for the scoop on the latest wedding trends, industry insider insights, and even a touch of sass, we’ve got you covered. 


Here are 12 wedding planning podcasts that brides are tuning into right now to make their big day even more special, plus one for grooms too (because hey, why should the guys be left out?):


1. The Wedding Planning Podcast

Let’s kick off our list with a classic. The Wedding Planning Podcast, hosted by Kara Lamerato, offers a treasure trove of tips, tricks, and expert interviews to make your wedding journey feel a whole lot easier. 

Kara is an experienced wedding planner with impressive knowledge of the industry. Her episodes cover both the practical and emotional aspects of planning your big day, ensuring that you’re totally prepared for everything ahead.

2. Bridechilla

Looking for an irreverent and playful approach to wedding tips? Head over to the Bridechilla podcast, hosted by former radio host Aleisha McCormack. She’s here to make sure that planning a wedding stays stress-free and relaxed.

Aleisha offers funny and practical advice on everything from dealing with family dynamics to taking care of your emotional health in the lead up to your big day. With Aleisha’s help you can make sure you stay a cool-as-a-cucumber ‘Bridechilla’ (instead of a ‘Bridezilla’). 

3. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez are two fabulous wedding planners who want to share their wisdom and insights with you. This podcast is like having your very own wedding experts on speed dial, because these hosts definitely know their stuff. 

For instance, they bring over two decades of combined experience in the wedding industry to their episodes. Plus they also cover a wide range of topics, including budgeting, wedding trends, venue choices, and more. And they also regularly feature wedding industry experts.


4. The Woman Getting Married Podcast

A wedding is a celebration of love and, of course, style. Lindsay Jones, host of The Woman Getting Married Podcast, focuses on the chic and fashionable side of wedding planning. It’s her goal to help you pick a stylish theme and seasonal color scheme that reflects your unique taste.

As Lindsay is a fashion expert, she knows her stuff as far as wedding trends go. She’ll share the lowdown on tasteful wedding aesthetics, giving you inspiration on how to inject real flair into your big day.

5. The Wedding People

Join wedding planners Rianna and Rebecca as they explore the many different elements of planning your special day. They’ll share tips and tricks on making your wedding memorable—and all in a straight-talking, frank style. Episodes include advice on how to steal ideas from celebrity weddings and how to manage stress during the planning process.

6. Put A Ring On It 

Dan and Danielle, the power couple behind the Put A Ring On It Podcast, bring a fresh perspective to wedding planning. The husband-and-wife duo share their experiences and expertise in the wedding industry, including tips on everything from microweddings to videography to those tiny details you don’t want to overlook. 

What’s particularly sweet about this podcast is that Dan and Danielle also share their own relatable wedding journey story with listeners. 

7. The Wedding Biz

The Wedding Biz podcast isn’t just for brides, it’s a valuable resource for anyone in the wedding industry. Host Andy Kushner interviews top professionals, providing insights into the world of wedding planning and design

Andy is an accomplished event entertainment designer and a recognized figure in the wedding industry. His experience means he can give you the lowdown from a bonafide insider perspective. 

8. Rock My Wedding

Listen in as hosts Imogen, Ella, and their guests share their tips on pretty much every wedding topic under the sun, from bridesmaids to budgeting, and from flowers to fashion. You’ll also get the lowdown on wedding photography, the joy of small weddings, and how to make your big day sustainable.

9. She Said Yes

She Said Yes is hosted by Trista Guzman and Alex Rimer, wedding planners, bridal stylists, and social media influencers to boot. These two fashion gurus will give you the lowdown on what trends are hot or not, with the aim of taking the stress out of the wedding decision making process.

10. Weddings Unveiled

Leah Haslage is pulling back the veil on weddings, looking at everything from the engagement to the big day to the honeymoon. She’s all about giving you honest advice as well as bright ideas gleaned from wedding industry experts. The topics she covers are diverse, including everything from perfect tailoring to how to pick the right DJ. 

11. To Be Wed

The weekly podcast is very cutely hosted by Emily and Mike, who are busy planning their own wedding. They cover everything from the role of kids at weddings, to fun dancefloor ideas, to pitfalls to avoid (like perfectionism and people-pleasing)

12. Wedding Confessionals

Wedding Confessionals isn’t your typical bridal podcast. Hosts Kev and Liz share entertaining and hilarious tales offered anonymously by listeners, from helicopter parents to celebrity weddings. It’s a unique perspective on the wild ride that is wedding planning.

13. The Groomzillas Podcast

The Groomzillas Podcast is here to remind everyone that the guys have a say in the big day too! Comedians Dan Gill and Eric Dadourian are two long-distance friends who were planning their wedding at the same time, so decided to turn it into a podcast. They also chat to fellow comedians about love, dating, and relationships. Let’s hear it for the boys.

Planning your wedding is a big deal and these 13 podcasts share the scoop on how to make sure that your dream day goes smoothly—plus how to navigate any hiccups on the way. Think of them as your very best buddies on your journey to saying “I do.”

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