Il Tulipano’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Planning

Crafting Your Dream Wedding with Ease and Elegance

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wedding planning

The Ultimate Wedding-Planning Checklist and Timeline

Cut your to-do list into bite-sized pieces to make wedding planning a breeze.

12 Months Out

08 Months Out

06 Months Out

01 Month Out

12 Months out

  • Secure Your Ring: As the symbol of your love takes its place on your finger, safeguard your precious gem with insurance. Begin your marital journey with peace of mind, knowing your commitment is protected.
  • Craft Your Budget: Delve into the details of your dream wedding and solidify your financial plan. With Il Tulipano’s various wedding package options, align your budget to accommodate your vision, and manage it efficiently with a custom spreadsheet.
  • Compile Your Guest List: Imagine your special day at Il Tulipano surrounded by loved ones. Balance your aspirations with practicality, considering Il Tulipano’s capacity and your budget, to create a guest list that’s both heartfelt and realistic.
  • Partner with a Planner: If your wedding plans call for a guiding hand, consider enlisting a planner. Il Tulipano can connect you with seasoned professionals who will help bring your dream wedding to life, ensuring every detail is tailored to your taste.
  • Set Your Wedding’s Tone: Confer with your partner to decide on the level of formality and the theme. Whether it’s an elegant ballroom affair or a garden party under the stars, Il Tulipano offers the perfect backdrop to your themed nuptials.
  • Choose Il Tulipano as Your Venue: Selecting the right venue is crucial, and Il Tulipano offers an array of enchanting settings. Visit us and feel the magic; our spaces are where heartwarming memories are cultivated and dreams come true.
  • Invest in Wedding Insurance: Consider wedding insurance for your big day at Il Tulipano to ensure that every moment is worry-free. Secure your investment and cherish your celebration without a hint of stress.
  • Curate Your Culinary Experience: The feast at your wedding should be as memorable as the day itself. Trust Il Tulipano’s gourmet catering to enchant your guests with flavors that resonate with your theme and personal tastes, from classic Italian dishes to modern culinary creations.

08 Months out

  • Tailor Your Gift Registry: Together with your partner, start shaping your future home by registering for gifts. From the essentials to unique items that reflect your shared passions, craft a registry that mirrors your lifestyle. Whether you’re homebodies or thrill-seekers, let your registry tell your story. Consider including experiences at Il Tulipano, like a romantic dinner for two, to truly personalize your wish list.
  • Style Your Bridal Party: Gather your bridal party for a day of dress shopping. Il Tulipano’s preferred vendors offer a selection of bridesmaids’ dresses that complement our elegant venue’s style. Remember to schedule fittings this month, and consider the venue’s picturesque settings when selecting the accessories—perhaps a shawl for evening garden receptions or stylish sunglasses for sunny patio celebrations. 
  • Choose Your Blooms: Begin your search for the perfect florist. Recommendations from friends and Il Tulipano’s curated list of trusted vendors are invaluable. Browse through social media for floral inspiration that suits our venue’s aesthetic, from lush garden arrangements to sophisticated ballroom bouquets. Your florist should bring your vision to life within your budget, enhancing the natural beauty of Il Tulipano’s spaces.

    06 Months out

    • Book Your Wedding DJ or Band: Music sets the rhythm of your wedding day. At this six-month mark, it’s time to secure the soundtrack to your celebration. Whether you dream of a dance floor energized by a dynamic DJ or the classic elegance of a live band, Il Tulipano partners with exceptional musicians who know how to tailor their performances to your personal style. A DJ or band not only complements the ambiance of our luxury venue but also ensures your guest’s entertainment is unforgettable. As you make your selection, consider the acoustics of our grand ballroom or the outdoor charm of our garden space, ensuring your music choice enhances the setting. Remember, the right music will resonate with the memories made at Il Tulipano’s distinctive New Jersey locale.

    01 Month out

      • Assemble Your Wedding Favors: With one month to go, it’s time to assemble your wedding favors. Choose items that echo the charm of Il Tulipano and reflect your personal touch. Whether they are handcrafted gifts or curated goodies, ensure this process is as enjoyable as your wedding will be

        • Finalize Payments to Vendors: To ensure a smooth celebration, confirm that all vendor payments are finalized. For any day-of payments, such as tips, prepare labeled envelopes in advance. Designate a trustworthy person to manage these on the wedding day, so you can focus on your vows without distraction.

        • Perfect Your Seating Chart: Tackle the seating chart with an understanding of your venue’s layout and a strategic approach to guest dynamics. Consider Il Tulipano’s unique spaces as you arrange seating that fosters comfortable and engaging interactions among your guests.

        • Prepare Escort and Place Cards: Create escort cards to guide guests to their tables and place cards for assigned seating. Design these cards to complement Il Tulipano’s elegant ambiance and your wedding theme, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.

        • Conduct a Final Venue Walk-Through: Revisit Il Tulipano for a final walkthrough. Arm yourself with a checklist to discuss last-minute details with the venue coordinator, ensuring everything aligns with your vision.

        • Prepare Tips and Final Payments: Use a tipping guide to determine appropriate gratuities for vendors who’ve gone above and beyond. Prepare cash in labeled envelopes for easy distribution, either by you or a designated planner.

        • Break in Your Wedding Shoes: Spend time comfortably breaking in your wedding shoes to avoid discomfort on your big day. Dance and walk in them until they feel like a second skin, ready for the aisle and a night of celebration.

        As you navigate the final stages of preparation, keep your plans in sync with the elegant and memorable experience Il Tulipano promises, ensuring every detail contributes to the storybook wedding you’ve envisioned.

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