12 Head Table Decor Ideas for Your Christmas Wedding

Your head table is more than just a seating arrangement—it’s a canvas for your dreams and a showcase for your Christmas wedding theme. As the focal point of your reception, it sets the stage for toasts, tears, and treasured moments. That’s why choosing the right wedding head table decor is key to creating a backdrop that reflects your unique style, love story, and wedding theme.


New Jersey is magical in winter, meaning you can create a Christmas wedding to truly remember. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through 12 festive head table decor ideas that will transform your winter wedding into an enchanted celebration.

Which wedding head table seating style is right for you?

Before deciding on your head table decor, you’ll want to consider what kind of seating style will work with your wedding. While there are plenty of unique arrangements to choose from, generally, the three main options are:

Option one: Traditional wedding head table

This is the classic choice of one long table where the newlyweds and official bridal party are all seated. While it showcases the wedding party and has a nicely traditional feel, it also has the drawback of potentially making the partners and dates of the main wedding party feel left out. In other words, it’s not very flexible or inclusive.

Option two: King’s table (or royal table)

This style of wedding seating is just the classic head table made bigger and more flexible. A king’s table includes all members of your wedding party, plus their partners and dates—and any other family members or friends that you want to include. What’s great about a king’s table is that it can be made as big or as long as your reception space allows.


Option three: Sweetheart table

Sweetheart tables are a growing wedding trend and are easily the most intimate choice, as this kind of head table only seats the bride and groom. A beautifully adorned table for two can make your meal feel more intimate, yet at the same time, make you both the focal point of the reception. In other words, the spotlight will be firmly on you—yet you can still have your own separate space to canoodle in.

12 Christmas wedding head table decor ideas

Bride and groom in the snow

Now that we’ve looked at wedding seating styles, let’s explore various festive-themed options for your enchanting Christmas wedding:

1. Festive fairytale

Create a magical reception with a fairytale-style head table. Incorporate ethereal silk hangings with festive snowflake patterns, gold and silver glitter candles, and magical touches like frosty white ‘snow fairy’ wings attached to the back of your chairs. Adding a miniature gold wand as a wedding favor for each setting would be an extra charming feature.


2. Rustic farmhouse

A long white farmhouse-style head table laden with food will create a traditional family Christmas feel. Classic Christmas elements like festive tableware, crackers, and a holly and ivy centerpiece wreath will all add a sweetly rustic vibe. Placing your wedding favors into little Christmas parcels with bows will make an extra charming touch.


3. Winter forest

Conjure up a ‘Christmas Day walk in a snowy woods’ feel with lush garlands of winter greenery, including fronds of fir, pine and ivy. You could also include acorns and pine cones, either in their natural state or spray-painted a metallic shade. Dark green color accents combined with white and frosty silver will also help to create a winter wonderland feel to remember. Don’t forget to include touches of glossy holly and delicate snowdrops, as well as a garland with hanging mistletoe placed above the happy couple.


4. Festive glam

Add a glitzy feel to your Christmas wedding with a head table adorned with gold sequin table runners, long white candles in silver holders, sparkly chair ribbons, shimmering tulle drapery, and sparkling napkins. For a touch of extra pizazz, include a floral centerpiece in striking metallic shades.

5. Christmas neon

Make a statement with a striking and festive neon sign displayed behind your Christmas head table. Decide on a design that works best with your wedding aesthetic, whether that’s a nostalgic old-time Santa, romantic mistletoe, or whimsical fairy. You could also have a sign custom-created with your names written in the traditional Christmas colors of red and green. Whatever you choose, a festive neon sign will create a bold and playful vibe.

6. Enchanting Christmas scene

Why not add a dramatic festive backdrop to your head table by adding a screen with a Christmas image? Choose your favorite enchanting Yuletide scene, whether that’s a snowy forest, fairytale ice palace, or romantic sleigh ride. A mesmerizing backdrop will add an extra layer of atmosphere to your Christmas wedding head table, opening a window onto a magical winter world.

7. Overflowing greenery

Create a dramatically romantic look with an overflowing Christmas centerpiece design. Fill your table with festive greenery like pine, fir, and holly, as well as seasonal berries like cranberries, as well as crimson and gold candles of varying heights. An overflowing centerpiece symbolizes abundance and generosity, which is ideal for a Christmas wedding atmosphere. It also sets the scene for a lifetime of prosperity together as a couple.

8. Elegant drapery

Add an air of elegance by draping gathered material around your Christmas wedding head table, as well as on the wall behind you. Consider satin or shimmering tulle drapery in festive accent colors to create a sophisticated, luxurious, and refined drape effect. Alternatively, warm, heavy and decadent red velvet would be the perfect choice for a winter wedding. The use of flowing fabric will add extra romance to your table, creating a striking backdrop for your first meal together as a newly married couple.

9. Contemporary Christmas

Christmas doesn’t always have to be ‘extra’. If your vibe is more chic and lowkey, then you could opt for a clean and modern look for your festive table decor. Consider a sleek, snowy white tablecloth with discreet festive decor elements, such as dinky silver bells. Tall ivory candles, geometric centerpieces, and wintery metallics will make your Christmas table pop while maintaining a sophisticated feel.

10. Stunningly snowy

Transport you and your guests into a winter storybook with a snow-themed head table. Decorate your table with faux snow, white blooms, and silver accents for a truly enchanted atmosphere. Soft, ethereal ‘snowbird’ white feathers and napkins in the shape of snowflakes will add to the magical vibe.

11. Santa’s grotto

Create a magical Santa’s grotto atmosphere with features like fake snow, elves, and traditional wooden toys dotted around your table. This kind of Christmas wedding head table is definitely for the more playful and quirky among you—and it will spirit your guests right back to childhood. You could even have Christmas stockings as your wedding favors.

12. Angelic effect

A sweet angel theme would be ideal for a Christmas head table. Consider angel-shaped neon lights as a backdrop, or placing miniature angels at each place setting. White and gold would be the perfect color accents, plus you could incorporate white feathers for an extra ethereal atmosphere.

Your Christmas wedding deserves a head table that captures the magic of the season. From fairytale enchantment to minimalist chic, these 12 decor ideas offer a range of options to suit your style. So why not embrace the charm of a New Jersey Christmas and let your head table be the centerpiece to a celebration filled with love, joy, and festive wonder?



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