Take inspiration from classic hues and on-trend wedding shades for 2024

Choosing the right bridesmaid dress colors is a big decision, as it will shape the overall feel of your wedding. So once you’ve picked your bridesmaids, it’s time to work out how to make them look as fab as possible. 

Here’s our guide to 19 beautiful hues for your gal gang, including classic shades and trending colors for 2024. From buttercream yellow to bold burgundy to bright coral, there are endless choices for your big day. Whether you’re aiming for a cohesive look or embracing a free-wheeling mix-and-match style, these colors will ensure that your bridal party stands out.

The best bridesmaid dress color ideas for 2024

1. Gray tones—embrace lowkey sophistication

You gals will look stunning in subtly stylish gray tones. From soft dove to ash, you can create an ethereal mixture of light and dark gray dresses, each flaunting its own personality in velvet, chiffon, or crepe. 

Gray, the unsung hero (or let’s say heroine) of wedding colors, effortlessly balances contemporary and timeless vibes. Your bridesmaids will definitely make a classy statement in this versatile hue. 

2. All white dresses—break tradition, elegantly

Who said only the bride can rock white? Dive into the unconventional with all white dresses for your bridal party. Just a few years back, it was a wedding no-no, but today, it’s an eye-catching “heck yeah”. 

With ivory, white, or anything in between, your bridesmaids will redefine elegance. So, break those outdated rules and dress your besties in the color traditionally reserved for the bride (and while you’re at it, why not consider a black wedding dress for a striking monochrome contrast?).

3. Pastel metallics—let your bridal party shimmer

Sleek and feminine metallics are one of the trendiest bridesmaid picks at the moment. With metallic dresses, you can say goodbye to ordinary and hello to glam, glam, glam. Picture your favorite girls in shades of neutral champagne and pale pink, radiating romance all the way (and just imagine how amazing they’ll look making their grand wedding entrance). 

This isn’t just a color choice, it’s a whole statement. After all, your wedding deserves that extra dash of magic—so let it shine in pastel metallics.

4. Taupe and gold—warm neutrals for timeless elegance

This is the regal and enchanting combo of your dreams. Plus taupe and gold flatter many different complexions, meaning these warm neutrals will make your lovely ladies look terrific. 

You could also opt for midi-length slip bridesmaid dresses to add a contemporary feel, balancing trendiness with laidback charm. This combination creates a harmonious look and offers a versatile palette for various wedding themes, especially ones with fairytale or royal feels.

5. Grayish green—soft and natural chic

This soft hue, with its cool green vibes and a hint of earthy brown undertones, creates a rustically romantic look. Imagine an outdoor wedding with your besties flaunting loose braids and strutting in heeled sandals— it will be like nature decided to make your wedding look effortlessly cool. 

Whether you’re going for a misty romantic feel or a boho celebration, this shade is a blend of trendy and down-to-earth.

6. Buttercream yellow—sunshine in a dress

This color basically embodies joy. Imagine your bridesmaid showing off this barely-there yellow—it will be like enveloping your wedding in a warm and happy hug. Buttercream yellow isn’t too flashy and it isn’t too subtle—as Goldilocks said, “it’s just right”. 

This hue just creates the right amount of “wow”, especially for a spring or summer wedding. Not only does it bring fun and upbeat feels, it also adds a touch of vintage elegance for the win. Your bridesmaids can get their glow on in a shade that says “let’s celebrate love, sunshine, and happily ever after!”

7. Blush pink—sweet, sassy, and oh-so-romantic

Blush pink is the unofficial ambassador of love. Dressing your bridesmaids in this soft, dreamy hue will be like surrounding yourself with a cascade of rose petals. Blush pink is all about love, laughs, and romance—what could be more perfect for a wedding? With this swoon-worthy color, you’ll turn your bridal party into walking, talking love letters. 

8. Assorted pastels—mix, match, and make it yours

How about turning tradition on its head by ditching the one color tradition and exploring the wonderland of assorted pastels for your bridesmaid brigade? Think blush, lavender, and dusty blue—because why settle for one flavor when you can have the whole pastel ice cream parlor? 

It’s like crafting a symphony of colors that harmonize without stealing the show from the leading lady (that’s you!). Mixed pastels are the rebels of one-note bridal hues—fun, fresh, and full of personality. So go ahead, let your squad pick their faves, and watch them twirl around in a pastel dream.

9. Sorbet hues—sweetness overload for your gal gang

Create the ultimate “fruit sorbet” palette by choosing a combo of rocking mauve, peach, purple, and blue for your bridesmaids. In other words, it will be like dressing each of your besties in a scoop of happiness. 

These colors are the life of the party, ready to shine in any season. Whether it’s a spring fling or a cozy fall affair, sorbet hues bring that perfect punch without stealing your spotlight. So, let your wedding be the sweetest celebration, with your squad flaunting various delicious shades.

10. Bright coral—because weddings need a pop of fun

Why not choose a bridesmaid color that’s as inspiring as your love story? This lively yet romantic hue adds an instant burst of joy to weddings, creating an atmosphere that’s contagious. 

Vibrant coral is all about channeling those upbeat early 2000s vibes and is making a big comeback. So let your bridesmaids shine as brightly as your love on the big day—and get ready for some serious pop in those wedding photos.

11. Mix-and-match rosy hues—layer on the pink for a romantic feel

Who says your bridesmaids have to be all matchy-matchy? Dive into the world of mixed rosy hues and let your gals embody the most romantic flower of all. Picture a gorgeous blend of pinks, from blush to bold, creating a visual symphony that’s as diverse as your friendships. 

Embrace the vintage charm of this color, let each bridesmaid pick her perfect pink, and watch your wedding turn into the rosiest day possible. 

12. Gold and orange—let your bridesmaids shine bright

Want to dial up your wedding look? Gold and orange dresses are the secret sauce for a vibrant big day. Think bold and energetic hues that will add a touch of pizazz to your celebration (and your wedding photos). 

Unleash the fun, mix in some gold glam, and let those citrusy vibes turn your girl squad into a visual fiesta. Why settle for ordinary when your bridesmaids could radiate the warmth and brightness as a summer sunset?

13. Contrasting colors—break the mold by mixing it up 

Bridesmaids don’t have to be peas in a pod—not in 2024, at least. So take inspiration from the rebellious realm of contrasting colors, because bold is beautiful. Just imagine deep navy blue mingling with fiery red, and emerald green dancing with tangerine orange—your gals will look as exciting and vibrant as fireworks. 

This eclectic mix isn’t just for the artsy souls, it’s for anyone ready to ditch the norms and paint their wedding canvas with hues that celebrate color and say, “we do things our way!”.

14. Matching burgundy—like sipping on a really good wine

Want a bold wedding color? Let’s talk about a choice that’s as rich as your favorite Merlot—beautiful burgundy. Embrace regal elegance by dressing your bridesmaid in floor-length dresses in a deep, velvety shade. 

Burgundy is all about sophistication and mystery, meaning that your bridal party will stand out like a fine Cabernet. Whether you’re saying ‘I do’ in fall or winter, this color will add timeless allure to your wedding.

15. Two-tone purples—double the grape, double the glam

Why settle for one shade of fabulous when you can have a stunning combination on your big day? Think striking dark plum vibes combined with dreamy lavender hues. It’s like mother nature decided to blend the richness of autumn with the soft whispers of spring, making this a combo for more than one season. 

Your bridesmaids will feel like royalty in this regal palette—and will make one heck of an impression. Double trouble never looked so good.

16. Lilac prints—flower power with a dash of whimsy

Who said floral prints were just for grandma’s curtains? Embrace the charms of lilac patterns for your bridesmaids and transform them into a garden filled with delicate blooms. Let flowers be your fashion guide, sprinkling a touch of magic to your wedding. Dreamy and romantic lilac prints are perfect for the bride who wants her gals to bloom brighter than any bouquet. 

17. Jewel tones—create an eye-catching bridal party  

By now, we’ve hopefully ditched the notion that bridesmaids have to match like a set of identical crayons. Enter jewel tones—your secret weapon for a dazzling and diverse bridal party. Magenta pink, eggplant purple, sapphire blue, and jade green aren’t just colors—they’re gemstones in a dress that’ll make your crew look like a million bucks. 

The best part? Jewel tones flatter everyone and add real glamor. So, why settle for basic when you can have a bridal entourage that’s as radiant as a treasure chest? 

18. Periwinkle and violet—take floral tones to a whole new level

Make a fashion statement with one of the greatest love stories in the color palette—icy blue and purple. Your bridesmaids will look striking and romantic in periwinkle and violet, creating a vibe that’s part fairytale, part red carpet. 

Keep it cohesive by only picking two or three shades and make sure your bridesmaids have similar necklines and lengths. This ethereal color pairing would also be ideal for a winter wonderland wedding.

19. French Blue—classic vibes with a contemporary twist

Say bonjour to a bridesmaid look that’s filled with Gallic charm—and that some are calling “the new millennial pink”. This fresh and fashionable shade traditionally represented French royalty, so if you’re going for regal feels, it would be perfect. 

A French blue aesthetic is your ticket to a chic wedding and would work well for a sunny summer soiree. Who knew that a color so classic could feel so new?

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