11 Ideas for Getting Ready Wedding Photos

That You’ll Cherish Forever

Picture-Perfect Moments That You Need to Capture Before Saying ‘I Do’

A dreamy white wedding dress hangs pressed and ready by a window. A dressing table covered with lipsticks, silk flowers, and foaming glasses of Prosecco. The air is filled with giggling and floral perfume. And in the center of it all, the lady of the hour—the bride—prepares for the biggest day of her life. Those moments leading up to your wedding ceremony can often flash by in a heady rush of hair straighteners, and nervous hugs with bridesmaids. And whether they take place at home or in a bridal suite, they also offer an opportunity to capture some of the most heartfelt and candid photographs of your special day. From bridesmaid bonding, to makeovers, to that first incredible dress reveal, capturing candid moments in wedding photos are a big trend in 2023. So here are 11 ideas for getting ready wedding photos that will become cherished memories for years to come.


Bridal accessories

A pair of pearl earrings, a lacy blue garter and a delicate antique heart pendant. A bride’s accessories express elegance in every detail—and often tell the story of her life, her family history, and her unique tastes. Close-ups of these adornments will create a set of atmospheric wedding images that express the loving care lavished on each detail of the day. 


Bridal party

Bridesmaids are a bride’s support system and closest friends, her cherished sisters in either blood or affection. That is why it’s important to document the laughter and camaraderie that fill the air when everyone is getting ready together. From helping the bride slip into her dress, to lovingly straightening her veil, to fastening a sparkling tiara to her head, these candid moments will show the warmth of the relationships between the bride and her besties. 


Beauty parade

Who doesn’t love pictures of the bride getting ready? One of the most exciting moments of the day is the bride’s hair and makeup transformation, when beauty artists enhance her natural radiance. That’s why it’s terrific to document this transformation with images that show the whole beauty routine, including facials, manicures, makeup application, hair curling, and final touches. These photos will showcase the stunning bridal look as it is created, step by step.

Bride laughing and getting ready with her bridesmaids

Looking dapper and dashing

And let’s not forget the hero of the hour either. Because while the main attention is often on the bride, it’s important to capture the groom’s final touches too. Whether he’s adjusting his tie, polishing his shoes, or receiving an encouraging clap on the shoulder from his best man, you want special images of his emotions and excitement too. 


Mirror magic

Don’t forget to get a few arty shots in your getting ready photoshoot! For instance, it can be really effective to include images taken in the mirror, including that all-important full-length shot of the bride in her dress. Mirror photos are perfect for symbolizing the duality of those exhilarating moments before the ceremony—the bride as she is and the bride as she is about to become. It’s all about capturing those final dreamy moments of reflection. 


The dress reveal

The anticipation builds as the bride gets ready, while her closest family members wait for the big reveal. That moment when she finally steps out in her full glory to receive gasps from her loved ones needs to be preserved forever. The dress reveal is one of the most emotional, magical moments of the day, so you definitely want to preserve it with a beautiful photograph of the family’s facial expressions.


Love letters

These days, some couples like to swap tender and encouraging wedding love letters to read in the morning before the ceremony. Capturing images of the bride and groom opening and reading those letters (and maybe even wiping away a tear or two) can add a deeply personal touch to the wedding album.



Be sure to get a few photos of the closeness and camaraderie between them groomsmen too, for instance, raising a toast together or sharing a laugh before the ceremony. You could also get photos of them straightening each other’s ties, helping each other with their cufflinks, or just all together in a manly, football-style huddle.


Moments with mom and dad

A wedding day is that moment when a bride’s mom and dad finally say goodbye to their little girl and send her off into a new life with her soulmate. So make sure that those last special moments of meaningful looks and pep talks are all photographed before she heads off down the aisle (and don’t forget to keep an eye out for next week’s Il Tulipano post on the heartfelt family wedding photos that you need to capture).

Friends forever

The bride is ready, the Prosecoo bottles are emptied, and the ribboned limousine has arrived. Now it’s time for the bride to share one last heartfelt hug as a single lady with her special gals, before her big day really begins. This final bridal party embrace is a moment that you don’t want to miss photographing. 


Bridal portrait

And now—it’s finally time. Be sure to get a solo shot of the bride in her full glory with veil and bouquet, her face radiant with excitement. This final ‘getting ready’ image showcases the bride as the center of attention and princess for the day, ready to take her walk down the aisle into a whole new life.


Ready For Your Big Day?

Your big day is a whirlwind of emotions, and the getting ready wedding photos are a testament to the love and anticipation that surrounds you. These 11 ideas for pre-ceremony images will help you to create a beautiful and heartfelt visual story that you can cherish forever. And if you’re looking for more wedding photography inspiration for your big day, then here is why Unplugged Weddings Make for Better Photos.


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